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You can get in touch with the Waygook admin or moderators though the contacts listed on the right. >

>> Subscriptions here <<: Note that you do not need a paypal account to purchase a subscription.  In the same manner you go to the subscription page, you select the subscription you want, and make sure you do not have the "make this a recurring payment" option selected.  It's a check mark above the button that says "order with paypal".  It will direct you to paypal, but at the bottom you can simply choose to pay with debit or credit without having a paypal account.  This method is secure, and so we prefer it to others at the moment.

Question asked by some old timers:  Hey! Why do I have to pay for a subscription now for file access in the lesson boards?  Why did you change it?  Why!  :shocked:

Answer:  Hosting is expensive, and while it's great when the funds are available, it's drastic and stressful for everyone when it's not.  Your subscription not only helps keep Waygook afloat, but it is being used to transform an old platform into an awesome world.  Yes, I wrote world on purpose.  8)

The answers to a majority of questions regarding how to use Waygook can be found hereFrequently Asked Questions about

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