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Author Topic: Koreas Plastic Surgery Boom: The Cost of Beauty (documentary)  (Read 2800 times)

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Re: Koreas Plastic Surgery Boom: The Cost of Beauty (documentary)
« Reply #40 on: April 12, 2018, 11:26:19 AM »
James Madison was 5'4" / 163cm.

In the modern TV era.

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Re: Koreas Plastic Surgery Boom: The Cost of Beauty (documentary)
« Reply #42 on: April 12, 2018, 11:59:58 AM »
Average poster: "Appearances don't matter. Why does everyone care so much? They're just superficial."

Spends 1 second looking at someone's Tinder pic before swiping left or right.

You know there's a difference between choosing someone for a job or a doctor's appointment and choosing someone you want to have sex with.

I believe that most research on cognition, human behavior, and psychology would indicate there isn't much difference. Obviously there's limits, but people are a lot more irrational and motivated by appearance at a subconscious level than many are willing to acknowledge.

Koreans don't even realize its wrong though.

But even when they do acknowledge such biases as wrong, they still act on them.

Thats why schools hire inexperienced teachers because they're blonde. Why Hospitals hire doctors based on youthfulness. Why people over 40 can't find a job. Why elderly people live in poverty and have to collect cardboard until the day they die. Why the old ajosshi started filming two black women for talking then felt he was in the right to physically restrain them. Why the korean police  think foreigners are always in the wrong. Why Koreans are only ever interested in travelling to America and think of every other country with disdain. Why SEA Asian employees have been mistreated here. Why people get fired and non-renewed even if they do an excellent job. Why women get paid less than men and hit the glass ceiling.

Bias and discrimination is at childish extremes in this country, it corrupts everything. Because Koreans can't help themselves.

This is so....sadly accurate. I feel like they are really technologically advanced but way back in the 50s with social development. I'm just really hoping it's not always this way.

And there is some hope. Some older people still stare at me like a zoo animal, but much of the younger generation (very young kids excluded) have learned not to. Baby steps :/

Yeah they are totally stuck in the 50s. They are going through all kinds of things Westerners were going through in the 50s, but mixed with weird modern technology.

I will say that in a lot of ways Koreans are a lot more accepting than we assume they are, like if you do something "bad" discretely, they will pretend it never happened. Friends and family are very loyal to one another. And they don't get upset about things that drive Westerners up the wall...good if you want to drink in the park, bad if you like peace and quiet.

But they are stubborn as hell about dealing with black people, gay rights, adultery, elderly poverty, sexual harassment, and all kinds of other issues.
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