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Author Topic: Busan Moving Sale  (Read 229 times)

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Busan Moving Sale
« on: February 13, 2018, 09:48:47 PM »
Leaving Busan Feb 26. Located at line 1 and 3 Yeonsan Station. Looking to give some still useful items for a good price.

Large clothes drying rack (5,000w) bought for 25,000w easy to fold from Homeplus

Floor/table fan (10,000w) 4 speeds, with timer and rotation. excellent for summer and drying clothes hanging. bought for 20,000w excellent condition from Homeplus

Foldable table (15,000w), medium size like ones from coffee shops, bought for (25,000) from Gmarket option 5 dark brown

2 X Foldable chairs (5,000w), small, bought 14,000w from Gmarket option 3, dark brown

Toaster (5,000w) is red, can toast two slices of bread at a time. bought for 14,000w from Gmarket

Office chair (15,000w) is black, with head and arm rests, bought for 35,000w from Gmarket

Large Induction fry pan and ramen pot (pan 5,000w, pot 5,000w, both 8,000w) only works with electric/induction ranges, DOES NOT work with gas range/stoves bought from Gmarket 16,000w

Microwave (30,000w) works well with timer knob, bought new for 50,000w from Gmarket

Vacuum (20,000w) purple, detachable with a long handle OR hand held and with a long cable, bought new from Gmarket 36,000w

VR360 set (2,000w) no name brand VR 360 set works well with smart phone, barely used, bought from Gmarket 10,000w

WIFI router (20,000w) upto 1200mbps, used with olleh giga internet, bought from Gmarket for 35,000w

Laundry basket (1,000w) with wheels and handles, bought from Daiso

Small storage bins X4 (2,000w) Small, short storage bins that pull open, bought from Daiso

Please send a PM or kakao kevoyeung
Thank you.
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