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Student Comment Auto-Generator in one click!


Since EslTool.com closed down, there haven't been any good replacements to generate student comments. So, I made a great tool to replace it, called The Teacher's Room!

Student Comment Builder (EslTool style)

Also, I made a tool that auto-generates student comments with the click of a button. You can generate comments for students in seconds  :smiley:

Sudent Comment Auto-Generator (single-click generator)

There are also great activity worksheet generators that you can customize, print, and use in class!

I'm always open to new ideas, so if you guys have ideas for worksheets that you'd like created, post them here!

www.eslreports.com is another site that sprung up in the wake of the esltool shutdown. Nice to have lots of options!

Here's another one:

Comment Breeze - ESL Report Card Comment Builder

This is great. I've just been building a tailored version for my needs and the range of comments you have is very helpful. Thanks a lot!


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