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Oh, how I hate preparing for camp lol. This took a ridiculously long time, especially since I'm so detailed and meticulous  :huh:

You'll need the has everything on there. Intros, vocab, key expressions, instructions for all the activities, workbook answers, etc.

For the 1 day camp, I added an activity at the end to kind of wrap everything up with a fun activity (it's not in the schedule). I put up some ring tosses, and put images above them. When I said one of the key expressions, students had to toss bean bags into the correct hoop.

1. 1 day camp schedule
2. 2 day camp schedule
3. PPT
4. "Eating Out" puzzle activity (easy)
5. "Eating Out" puzzle activity (inter)
6. "Eating Out" food images
7. Mr. Bean images (for worksheet / activity)
8. American vs Korean restaurants PPT (goes through some differences between them)
9. Lunch tray image (for students to draw what they'd like to eat for lunch)
10. Toss game images
11. Images of school lunches from around the world / country images
12. Workbook pages / puzzle activity worksheets
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