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Author Topic: Original/Good Souvenir suggestions and places to buy them  (Read 1142 times)


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Original/Good Souvenir suggestions and places to buy them
« on: June 22, 2011, 05:01:38 PM »

I am going back to the UK for the first time in 5 YEARS!  (I haven't been in Korea for 5 years though, just the one so far).  I have a lot of friends and family - Uncles, Aunties and a Grandfather who I would like to buy things for. 
I am happy to ship some of it over if I find something sizeable but decent.  Otherwise I am more than happy to go for novelty bits and peicess.  I have been to Insadong which has a long street of the usual souvenir fans,pens, coasters, bookmarks etc etc, but I wondered if anyone had come across anything better or more original that will go down well on a trip home. It could be funny, ornamental....anything really.  Just looking for ideas and where to find them! 

Must be a lot of people here who have done the same search for the perfect souvenir.  Hope someone can help. 

Thanks :)

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