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Author Topic: Apartment for rent near Seoul Station (500,000 a month)  (Read 691 times)

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Apartment for rent near Seoul Station (500,000 a month)
« on: October 23, 2017, 02:04:32 PM »
I'm moving to a different neighborhood, and am helping my landlord find a new tenant.

The place is really convenient. Less than 10 minutes by foot to Seoul Station (with a huge Lotte Mart). You can walk to Namdeaumn Market. Itaewon is a short bus ride away.

This is on the second floor. There is another apartment next door, but he is rarely home (I've literally ran into him once in 2 years).

The room itself is pretty spacious (I have a queen sized bed, desk, laundry hanger, etc in it). The kitchen is separate. You can close the door and the food smells won't enter the main room.

The balcony is awesome! Offers a great view of Seoul Tower. I sometimes have BBQs with friends on it. Room comes with a fridge, washing machine, and air con. I can even throw in a clothing rack, and my bed (I bought it from a second hand shop a few months ago).

Available around Nov 11 (a bit sooner is possible).
Key money: 5 million
Rent: 500
Water: 10
Electricity and gas: cheap

The room gets a lot of natural sunlight and fresh air. If interested, I can show it in the evenings after work. Thanks

You can see photos and contact me here (I don't check the PMs on this site often): https://seoul.craigslist.co.kr/apa/d/not-realtor-nice-apartment/6357021157.html