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Author Topic: ♣♣ Part-time Position / Busan Namgu / 2.1~2.3 million / start on December~ ♣♣  (Read 477 times)

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Hello. Nice greeting from Korea  :police:
We are helping you to find a position.
Please send us your RESUME & PHOTOS by E-mail: atop2008@naver.com
We will arrange the interview right away.
Please check the following information of positions ↓
#170927-1(P) Busan Namgu Part-time Position
*Working days : 4 days a week
*Working hours : 3:00pm ~ 8:45pm
*Teaching type : Elementary to middle school students
*Pay per class : 25,000 won (1 hour and half)
*Starting date : 15th of December, 2017
*Number of Foreign Teachers : 1
*Benefits : National health insurance, pension
Don't hesitate to send us email if you are interested in these positions.
Thanks for your attention
Please send us your RESUME & PHOTOS by E-mail: atop2008@naver.com