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Author Topic: English Teaching Jobs at Korean International School in Tianjin, China  (Read 1139 times)

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English Teaching Job at KIST

Korean International School in Tianjin(KIST) is looking for qualified, confident, cooperative native English teachers. We need four full-time English teachers, two for the primary school and two for the secondary school.
KIST is located in Tianjin, a metropolis in northern China, around thirty minutes away from Beijing by train. The city boasts its long history, low prices, public safety, and a variety of tourist attractions.

1. Brief Introduction of KIST
     ‣ Founded in 2001, KIST is a Korean international school accredited by the Korean   Ministry of Education. We have about 840 students in K-12 and a staff of                  around 90 teachers, including 22 foreign English and Chinese teachers.
     ‣ Address: Yale rd &Yaohuan st Intersection,Yanglou Xiqing District, Tianjin, China                      (300-381 中國 天津市 西靑區 杨楼村 雅乐道 与 瑶环路 交口)
2. Terms of Contract
     ‣ Contract period: March 1, 2018 - February 29, 2020
        You can renew your contract if both parties(you and KIST) agree.
     ‣ Working hours: 8 hours (Monday through Friday)
     ‣ Number of classes a week (10-20 students in each class)
          Primary - 21⨯40 minute classes,   Secondary - 21⨯45 minute classes
2. Qualifications & Documents to Submit
     ‣ Required Qualifications
        1) Bachelor’s Degree
        2) Holding a passport from one of the 7 English speaking countries:
           US, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ, IRELAND, South Africa
           (Must be a native speaker of English)
     ‣ Preferred Qualifications
        1) Teaching Credentials from your home country
        2) ESL certificates(CELTA, TESOL, TEFL, TESL)
     ‣ Documents to Submit
        1) Application form (sent to you by email after reviewing your resume of any form)   
        2) A copy of diploma
        3) An official academic transcript from your educational institution
        4) Photocopy of passport(Photo page)
        5) Copies of other preferred certificates(if you have)
3. Salary & Welfare
     ‣ Initial basic salary: 15,140 RMB
     ‣ Housing allowance: 4,000 - 4,850 RMB
     ‣ Qualification Incentive: 515 – 1,300 RMB
     ‣ Single-trip airfare from your country to Tianjin
            (In case your current residence is outside of China when you are hired)
     ‣ Paid Summer and Winter Vacation(around three months in total)
     ‣ Medical Insurance
     ‣ Option of doing after-school classes for overtime pay
     ‣ Option of paid Summer Camp teaching during the summer vacation (Primary school)   
     ‣ Daily lunch provided in the school cafeteria.
4. Procedure: application documents review → mock lecture, interview etc.
5. How to apply
      1) Email a brief introduction of yourself (CV&passport) to :
                    Mr. Kim at or (Primary School applicants)
                    Ms. An at (Secondary School applicants)
       2) An application form will be sent to you by email after reviewing your introduction.
       3) Email all the copies of the documents listed above including an application form.
       4) Candidates selected for interview will receive individual notice of the interview schedule by email.
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