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Author Topic: English Teachers needed at Wuxi Korean School (WKS) in Wuxi, Jiangsu, China. Thr  (Read 1422 times)

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Join our professional team of foreign English teachers in Wuxi, China. Your classes will typically contain 10 – 20 Korean students, and you will have a lot of creative freedom in the classroom. We have a very relaxed atmosphere here, with little stress or pressure.
WKS was founded in 2006 and serves Korean students living in Wuxi and nearby Suzhou. We have about 550 students in K – 12 and a staff of 6 foreign English teachers as well as Korean and Chinese teachers.
Wuxi is an ancient Chinese city in Jiangsu Province, located in east central China, less than an hour west of Shanghai by train and nestled alongside scenic Lake Taihu. Jiangsu is known as the most affluent as well as the safest province in all of China.
1.   Position offered
        a.   At least one opening for a full time ESL teacher

2.   Terms of contract
        a.   Duration: One-year contract starting March, 2018
        b.   Work days and hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30
        c.   Work Load: Maximum 22 classes/week (40-45 minutes/class)

3.   Salary & Benefits:
        a.   Monthly salary: 12,300 base + additional pay
                i.   Teaching certification:  700/month
                ii.   Master’s degree/TESOL certification:  200/month
                iii.   Research  allowance:  500/month
                iv.   Experience bonus:  130/month for each newly signed contract
        b.   Paid holiday: 4-5 weeks summer and 6-7 weeks winter holidays. Plus,             Chinese and Korean holidays throughout the school year.
        c.   Bonuses:
                i.   Completion bonus: One month base salary upon completion of one-year contract
                ii.   Evaluation bonus: roughly one month base salary each year
       d.   Travel expenses:
                i.   Reimbursement for flight and relocation expenses to China (airfare + 2000 RMB)
                ii.   Return flight from China upon completion of service at WKS

4.   Required qualifications:
      a.   Native English speaker from an English-speaking country (US, UK, CAN, NZ, AUS, SA). We may also consider non-native speakers from The Philippines, who have teaching experience and excellent English.
      b.   Minimum two years of full time teaching experience
      c.   25-50 years old with lots of energy

5.   Preferred Qualifications:
      a.   Teaching certification in your home country
      b.   TEFL/TESOL certification

6.   How to Apply
      a.   Send resume/CV, cover letter, and recent passport-size photo to: Phillip Dewey at
      b.   Selected candidates will be contacted to set up an interview via Skype or Wechat
      c.   If selected, be prepared to send two letters of reference

7.   Wuxi Korean School website: