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Author Topic: ★★ Seoul Position / 2.1~2.3M / Full time/ Elementary ~ Middle school ★★  (Read 809 times)

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Hello. Nice greeting from Korea
We are helping you to find a position.
Please send us your RESUME & PHOTOS by E-mail:
We will arrange the interview right away.
Please check the following information of positions ↓

#0707-1 Seoul Gyopo Position (Apgujeong)
*Preference : Gyopo, F4visa holder
*Working days : Monday to Friday
*Teaching hours : 01:00PM ~ 09:00PM
*Teaching type : Elementary ~ Middle school students
*Monthly pay : 2,1~2,3 million won
*Housing : Single housing or Housing allowance`
*Starting date : September, 2017
*No, of foreign teachers : 10   
*Benefits : severance and national health insurance

The school is located in new town, so it is really cleaned, nice, and awesome!

Don't hesitate to send us email if you are interested in these positions.
Thanks for your attention
Please send us your RESUME & PHOTOS by E-mail:


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