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Author Topic: Stop! (No-tech fun game)  (Read 1705 times)

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Stop! (No-tech fun game)
« on: August 23, 2017, 02:49:47 PM »
I started school with a simple vocabulary game that I used to play as a child called Stop!

I'm very shocked at how much my students enjoy it. Even my sluggish classes (I teach Middle School) wake up and get competitive. The first round, they're usually slow but then when they get the knack of things they become really creative and competitive. A lot of the answers have cracked me up. I didn't think it would be this great, even my co-teachers have complimented and asked for the game.

I did a PowerPoint to explain it to my kids (attached below), but you don't really need it.
It does take a bit of a while for them to understand the directions but once they start the game, the class is on a roll.

How to play:
1. Choose some categories
    EX: Person's Name, Food, Place, Thing, Animal (I allow mythical ones too), and Color (this is the hardest so I allow colors like "Blood red" or "Banana yellow" as long as it makes sense. "Dog brown" doesn't make sense because dogs come in different colors)
2. Select a letter (I exclude Q, U, X, Y, Z)
3. Groups must write words that start with that letter under the categories.
4. The first one to finish screams "stop!" and everyone stops writing. (I actually use a 1 minute timer since it is easier to manage time that way)
5. If two or more groups have the same word, they each get one point.
6. If a group is the only one to use a word, they get two points.
7. Repeat and enjoy! :)

*Side note: It takes me a while to do the scoring because I review all answers category by category, and I read them out loud so they can hear each other's answer (they seem to enjoy that too). If I'm running out of time but there's still about 5 minutes left, I eliminate 3 categories and still give them 1 minute to write. From US To Korea - $7.50 (LB)
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