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Author Topic: MOVING SALE SEOUL! Sofa, mattress, appliances etc.  (Read 523 times)

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MOVING SALE SEOUL! Sofa, mattress, appliances etc.
« on: July 31, 2017, 01:52:18 PM »

I am leaving Korea so all of my possessions must go! Everything is less than a year old and in good condition. I'm open to negotiating on prices, especially if you are buying multiple items! I will also throw in some bonus gifts for anyone who makes a purchase 🙂

Pick up from Banghak station (Line 1), but I'm happy to meet up somewhere central to deliver smaller items. Bigger items you will need to either pick up yourself, or I can help you to organize delivery.

1. Couch (₩75,000) - folds into sofa bed, very good condition

2. IKEA Hyllestad queen mattress (₩150,000) - This mattress is singlehandedly the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on, and has done wonders for my back since living in Korea. It's original price was ₩500,000 and its size is 150x200cm. There is some marking on the mattress that has spread when it was cleaned, happy to provide photos just ask!

3. Muji duvet (₩50,000) - antibacterial duvet from Muji. Size is 190x210cm, in good condition!

4. Clothes rack (₩25,000) - made of bamboo and has little wheels to glide seamlessly across your apartment floor.

4a. White baskets (₩5,000 each) - perfect fit for the clothes rack, get the lot for ₩30,000!

5. Storage tubs (₩40,000 for the lot) - these were purchased from E-Mart and were actually pretty expensive. Perfect for all your storage needs! Small tubs 12inch W x 8inch H / medium tubs 24inch W x 8inch H / large tub 24inch W x 14inch H

6. Fairy lights (₩5,000) - very cute battery operated fairy lights, never opened, still in original packaging! 1.6m long.

7. Dryer rack (₩7,000) - good quality, sturdy drying rack for your clothes. Folds down and easy to store.

8. Octopus drying thing (₩4,000) - super cute octopus to dry your socks and knickers from! Will sell this and the dryer rack together for ₩10,000.

9. Heater (₩10,000) - A heater is probably the last thing you're thinking of right now, but may as well grab a bargain while you can knowing how brutal these Korean winters are. I am being 100% truthful when I say that this was the only thing I used during the winter. I think I used my ondol maybe once. Looks small, but gives good heat.

10. Bowls (₩10,000) - selection of fun bowls

11. Hamburger cushion (₩8,000) - selling my beloved hamburger companion. Needs a good home.

12. Toast cushion (₩8,000) - friend to the hamburger, it's the toast cushion! Brand new, still in its original packaging. Will sell him together with his friend for ₩12,000.

13. Wooden coat hangers (₩15,000) - these make your clothes look super nice on the rack

14. Hair dryer (₩10,000) - great quality and powerful hair dryer. Far superior compared to those little foldable ones. Haven't had a day of wet hair thus far.

15. Innisfree sheet masks (₩15,000) - this is a 30 pack and they are all different flavours. There may be some double ups as I haven't opened the package, but a good little starter pack from my favorite skin care brand. Original price was ₩28,500 and the price sticker is still on the package.

16. Mini hair iron (₩5,000) - this little pink hair straightener is very good for on the go use. It doesn't get too hot so perfect for mini touch ups when you're out.

17. NOT PICTURED: also selling a blender, toaster and kettle, but not willing to give these up until around August 20. PM me if interested.

Let me know if you have any questions on the items, happy to help! More items to be listed so please let me know if there's anything specific you are after.

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Re: MOVING SALE SEOUL! Sofa, mattress, appliances etc.
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Hey, have you sold the masks and the octopus thing yet?


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