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Author Topic: Around the World Camp  (Read 282 times)

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Around the World Camp
« on: June 19, 2017, 05:56:02 PM »
I hope my materials can help anyone planning a camp at the moment. This was my first camp I  did in Korea for the 2017 winter vacation. It was a mix of grade 4's and 5's. I used my Bitmoji character in some places, so obviously replace with yours or put in an actual photo of yourself.

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Re: Around the World Camp
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2017, 03:42:09 PM »
Day 2 - Homes and Canada

The second day we started with a slide show of homes around the world. That transitioned into a lesson about rooms in a home. We did a worksheet about what furniture goes where and what you might do in each room. There's a very cute Mickey Mouse cartoon also. (The look on Donald's face when he wakes up is my life.) The words "cartoon time" are a hotlink right to the Youtube video.

Next we played a listening game where they listened to pop songs for the vocabulary words. My co-teacher had given me this game. It's pretty cool. Make sure you have the music files in the same folder as the ppt to ensure they work. I will attach them in the next post

After that we made igloos out of sugar cubes. We didn't get the styrofoam balls in time, so the kids igloos ended up looking more like Cheomseongdae but they had fun.

Then we made s'mores. Binch + marshmallows. Easy peasy.

There's a slideshow about Canada. We didn't get a chance to go through all of it. I think I got carried away because I'm Canadian

Lastly we ended the day in  a mellow fashion with Canadian treasure Robert Munch. There's two versions of the story 50 Below Zero in the ppt. One is Munch reading it, the other is an animated version from the TV show with a catchy song. There is a worksheet as well

Apparently all of the files for Day two are too large, so here's a link to the Google Drive
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Re: Around the World Camp
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Day 3 - Traditional Clothing and Famous Landmarks

Day three we talked about traditional clothes. First is a slideshow of different traditional clothing. The idea wasn't to talk about modern clothing we all wear, so it was a little difficult to come up with traditional clothes for the USA. After that we did worsheets were the students each got a paper doll from a different country, coloured it in and had the other students guess the country. We stuck them up on the wall. They were cute.

After that we did hanbok paper crafts. Originally I wanted to do real origami, but it was to complicated and hard to explain. These were much easier. But they did take longer than I expected. Use some cardboard to make stencils for their cirlcles, and make a lot. It was the sharing of stencils that took some time.

After that I did famous landmarks, just with flashcards and played a Carmen Sandiego landmark game with them.

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Re: Around the World Camp
« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2017, 04:46:32 PM »
Day 4 - India

This lesson was one of my favourites.  First we did a slideshow with info about India. It's such a large country with so many different groups of people, that it was hard to do it justice, but I picked some fun things.

The yoga lady is ~special~ but she got the job done. I had a hard time finding a video that wasn't assuming you were super flexible, understood the jargon and kept the language and pace at an ESL level. The picture of the woman in the blue onesie is a hotlink that will lead you right to the YouTube video.

After we watched a short scene from Dostana, a really funny Bollywood movie. Its a musical dance scene. Run it by your co-teacher though. For camp at one school, the co-teacher thought it was great and didn't care. I showed the clip at my other school, and that co-teacher wanted to only show a bit because she felt the men looking at Priyanka Chopra's bare midriff in her sari was too much... I dunno, I feel its fine because it's traditional dress, but... just check. The picture is a hotlink.

After that, we did Just Dance videos from YouTube. This was a hit! I was afraid they would be too shy to try but the did easy, medium and hard with reckless abandon! Then during break times they would beg to try more songs. I hope your kids like it too. Again, the world are hotlinks.

Next PB&J - this got really weird. My co-teacher brought deli meats, mustard and mayo and I couldn't figure out why. The kids tried the PB&J, said it was too sweet, then added the meat mustard and mayo TO THE PB&J! They were all exclaiming "맛있다". I politely declined when they offered me some.

There's a game in the ppt after that, but I skipped it.

Next, there are two short videos about expat Indian children, one from Canada and one from the US. Sanjay's Superheros is actually Pixar. I think Lights For Gita may be better though, because it has dialogue, here Sanjay does not. Gita's story also tied into the craft after, so if you pick one, I would go with Gita. There are worksheets if you want. Again, hotlinks on the page

The craft was pretty cool. We made clay peacock diyas. I gave them little scented tealights to take home and put inside with the firm promise that they were to ask their parents permission to use them.


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