April 24, 2017, 02:48:23 AM

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL in SEOUL is hiring a Mathematics teacher.
Younghoon international middle school is hiring a Mathematics teacher who can teach our Grade 7 students

Attention Recruiters!

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On a separate note, anyone can post here with questions, and the recruiters can respond as well without the above limitation.  However, the approval process will still be in place.

Author Topic: Nice Area! Nice F/T with Kindy in Busan and Pohang!!!  (Read 97 times)

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Nice Area! Nice F/T with Kindy in Busan and Pohang!!!
« on: March 20, 2017, 08:03:36 PM »
All positions below provide the following benefits in addition to the salary amount posted.

1.   Free flight tickets
2.   Free furnished accommodation near by school
3.   50% of medical insurance coverage
4.   10 days(2weeks) paid vacation plus all national holidays
5.   Visa sponsored

[JOB 1]
1.   Starting date: Middle of May, 2017
72.   Location: BukGu, Busan, Korea
3.   Teaching level: Kindergarten to Elementary school students
4.   Working hours: 9:30am-6:30pm (25-30 hours/week)
5.   Salary: 2.1-2.2mil. KRW

[JOB 2]
1.   Starting date: Middle of May, 2017
2.   Location: Pohang, GyeongsangbukDo, Korea
3.   Teaching level: Kindergarten to Elementary or Elementary
4.   Working hours: 9:30am- 6:30pm (25-30 hours/week)
5.   Salary: 2.1-2.2mil. KRW

If you are interested, please feel free to send an email to solonesl01@gmail.com or www.solonesledu.com include your resume, recent photo, contact number and the following fields;
* Nationality:
* Available date:
* Date of birth:
* Marital status:
* Preferred location :
* Preferred teaching age :
* Tel # that We can reach or Skype ID:
* Your minimum expected Salary:
* A neat single recent Headshot photo:
* E2 visa documents that you have Now:
- Bachelors degree with apostille / Korean Consulate notary: Yes ( ) No ( )
- Clean Criminal Record Check (nation-wide) with apostile / Korean Consulate notary: Yes ( ) No ( ).
- If not, when did you request National Criminal background check?

Thank you.


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