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Author Topic: Do nose piercings look good on women?  (Read 3067 times)

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Re: Do nose piercings look good on women?
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I think it comes down to "If she's willing to put something through her nose, what else is she willing to put in her?"

In the more general sense, somebody once told me, "If she is willing to do THAT to her body, what might she let ME do to it."

I really hope you two aren't teaching at an all girls school with this kind of mentality.
Or teaching any aged girls and women. Or teaching boys to think this way about women.

As others have said, it is attractive from a "good times" point of view, but sends a negative message about good judgement in other contexts.

How you dress and adorn yourself is your statement to the world. 

You should be conscious of "how others hear" this statement you make.  It might not always align with your intent.
Fair point.

A belly dancer might be able to pull of "the look", but a nurse, a doctor, an accountant, a mother, a teacher of children...not so much.


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