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Author Topic: Honda CBR 125r 2008 (super cooool)  (Read 1009 times)

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Honda CBR 125r 2008 (super cooool)
« on: March 09, 2017, 10:41:25 AM »
Hello there!
This is a 2008 Honda CBR 125cc in pretty fantastic condition.
1.3million OBO (Negotiable)

It starts up immediately even in the cold and revs well all the way through. I've kept up maintenance with it even after I got my new bike. It's pretty and has few blemishes. Tires have plenty of tread as well.

I've taken this bike on countless 2-3 hour journeys since I've had it and the previous owner drove it down form Seoul last March. Give it a test for yourself. This thing is like a street dirtbike. It's super agile, easy to maneuver and handle yet marvelously stable at high speeds for highway riding. It's superb for beginners or for a city commuter. It's oddly fast for a 125cc as well topping out at about 125 kph. Honda just wanted to show off I suppose. Also, It handles 2 people quite easily and comfortably in my most humble of opinions.

All paperwork necessary for registration/insurance is included! At 125cc no big bike license is required!

Message me here or hit me up on Kakao. My id is "Cakemix".
Have a wonderful day!  :cheesy:

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Re: Honda CBR 125r 2008 (super cooool)
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Hey I cant send PMS anymore...



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