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Author Topic: The 1 year peoples! Opinions, thoughts?  (Read 1084 times)

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Re: The 1 year peoples! Opinions, thoughts?
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Wow, nice, so much cheaper than other people were making it out to be online. I read one thread where a guy claimed he had to pay something like $1200 in total, and it was for a miniature poodle/terrier mix.
Keep in mind that the price increases for every additional airline you transfer to during your trip. If you fly Korean Air --> China Air --> Delta, then suddenly you'll be paying 600,000 won for your pet ticket.
Book your flight with one carrier, else you'll be paying a hefty stupid-tax:smiley:

Also, if your pet is over 5~5.5kg, then it has to go in the cargo compartment, which is a far more stressful and (probably) costly process.
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Re: The 1 year peoples! Opinions, thoughts?
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BSc. in Botany and Geography, BSc. Honours in Botany and a teaching degree.

Thanks ~!

@ kyndo: Yeah, makes sense that the price will heavily vary on how well you plan the transfer.

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Re: The 1 year peoples! Opinions, thoughts?
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Seriously?!?! Is that how cheap it is to fly a small pet? And here that stupid girl wants to pawn off a guinea pig  (or worst yet let it fend for it's in the wild)  :huh: :huh: :huh:  OMG why!??! Seriously next time I hear of a foreigner trying to do that I'm going to give them a piece of my mind!!!

I think she may have been flying off to another country and not going home but still...  :undecided: lack of foresight.

I've seen smaller dogs and even a cat before on airplanes as "carry on luggage." I think these were domestic flights back home but it's been awhile so my memory is fuzzy. Once a pet was crying kinda pitifully even though the owner was trying to reassure it. Far better than a crying baby though. Yikes can those be loud.


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