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Welcome to the Waygook community forums.  Feel free to browse the site, and sign up for a free account to have access to lesson plans.  Waygook is geared towards EFL/ESL teachers in South Korea, however we do like to cater and help out fellow waygookins all over.  We are also on facebook for convenience.

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topic Immigration Official Paid me a visit today while teaching PT.
[Contract, and Job Related Issues]
stan rogers
Today at 12:48:27 AM
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[Life in Korea]
Today at 12:23:45 AM
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Mr C
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Yesterday at 10:02:47 PM
topic The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.
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Yesterday at 09:05:40 PM
topic Maternity Leave - Details, How to Register:
[Contract, and Job Related Issues]
stan rogers
Yesterday at 08:02:33 PM
topic wacky cults, please leave me alone.
[Life in Korea]
Yesterday at 06:56:15 PM
topic MOVED: Immigration Official Paid me a visit today while teaching PT.
[Life in Korea]
Yesterday at 04:48:00 PM
topic where can i find english books on korean site?
[Services and Help]
Yesterday at 03:48:09 PM
topic Doomtown Reloaded / Warhammer 40k Conquest
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topic SO much Uncertainty* please HELP* recruiter abandoned me.
[Contract, and Job Related Issues]
Yesterday at 02:52:04 PM
topic Starting from next year Non-Natives can become English teachers [2008 article]
[Korea Newsroom]
Yesterday at 01:36:39 PM
topic A thread for pointless Friday ramblings.
["Open" Discussions]
Action Jackson
Yesterday at 12:54:47 PM
topic South Korea: Suicide Nation
[Life in Korea]
Yesterday at 03:08:56 AM
topic GOE - Applying for GOE
Yesterday at 02:11:27 AM
topic A year working in a Korean public school.
[Contract, and Job Related Issues]
Yesterday at 01:47:16 AM
topic Ee.So.Nu.Mu in Suji
[Institution Reviews]
Yesterday at 01:37:50 AM

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