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Welcome to the Waygook community forums.  Feel free to browse the site, and sign up for a free account to have access to lesson plans.  Waygook is geared towards EFL/ESL teachers in South Korea, however we do like to cater and help out fellow waygookins all over.  We are also on facebook for convenience.

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topic HURRY!! SBL Seoul Baseball League STARTING SOON
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[Contract, and Job Related Issues]
Today at 02:35:42 PM
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[Cell Phone takeovers, and deals]
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topic Looking to take over 1 year (+/-) contract and Android phone - Seoul
[Cell Phone takeovers, and deals]
Today at 01:56:56 PM
topic **Looking to give away 1/2 finished iPhone 5c Contract**
[Cell Phone takeovers, and deals]
Today at 01:43:42 PM
topic Getting LASIK in Korea???
[Life in Korea]
Today at 01:34:17 PM

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